3 Under Par Origin Story

By: Scott Terrell

This is the story of how 3 Under Par came to be. When we started 3 Under Par it was my vision to start not only a podcast but also a blog for people to enjoy written content. I want to preface, I am not much of writer. I’m a golfer.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of golf is spending time with your friends while having some friendly competition. In the Fall of 2018 I was playing golf with my longtime friend KJ as well as some new friends that I had recently made through the game. We were having a phenomenal time playing the game that we love. It was a regular Saturday morning and the usual banter was flying amongst the group then it hit me. We should start a podcast to see if the world would fancy our commentary. I heard that our mutual friend T-Bone was moving back to Houston, and I knew that this was our opportunity to get this podcast off the ground.

First we had to determine a name for the podcast, a simple yet difficult task. There were many names that we thrown out there but none that we truly loved. Around Thanksgiving Tiger Woods and was set to face off against Phil Mickelson in “The Match”. We thought it would be best to go a bar near the Heights and let the ideas flow along with the alcohol. Near the end of “The Match” our mutual friend Nate suggested that we go with 3 Under Par. We loved the name for self-evident reasons and 3 Under Par was born.

How We Know Each Other

If you go back and listen to the first episode we talk a little bit about our backgrounds but this is where we can do a deeper dive. KJ and myself grew up playing sports together and we played junior golf together through middle school and high school. We stayed in touch through the years mostly because of our mutual love for golf.

I first met T-Bone while we were getting golf lessons in Junior High. We grew up taking lesson from the same instructor and played multiple tournaments against each other in junior golf. T-Bone and myself eventually ended up at Baylor together and joined the same fraternity.

KJ, T-Bone and myself all took lessons from GolfSmart at one point or another while KJ and T-Bone played on the same high school team and that is where our paths kept crossing as we moved on from high school.


All three of us were accomplished high school golfers and had our sights on playing college golf. The oldest of the crew, KJ, went to college first and signed to play golf at Dallas Baptist University. KJ eventually transferred to Texas State and found a passion for teaching the game, and he has turned that passion into a profession as a teaching professional.

T-Bone, the youngest of the crew, signed to play golf at Concordia University in Austin, TX. After year of little success on the course, T-Bone decided to hang up the sticks and transferred to Baylor University to experience a traditional college lifestyle.

Coming out of high school, I had few opportunities to pursue college golf but I also craved the normal college experience at a major university. I always wanted to attend Baylor University and I was fortunate to walk on the team after being the team manager my freshman year. I quickly realized that college golf was not my future and lived a normal college life after that.

After T-Bone transferred to Baylor, we heard that Baylor was starting a new Club Golf Team. We were elated because we able to continue playing competitive golf without the pressures of a normal college golf team. I feel like I can speak for T-Bone when I say that club golf was an incredible experience and we even won a National Championship.

In The End

Life has a funny way of sending a person down his or her own path and along the way your path will cross with someone else’s. If you had told me back in high school that I would have started 3 Under Par with some of my oldest golf friends I would not have believed you. But the common denominator between us is simple… golf. Golf is an amazing game, and I am very fortunate to have met some amazing people and have made lifelong friends. Who knows what the future holds for 3 Under Par, but we will keep this thing going as long as we can. Always remember that Little White Ball is Life.

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