Scottie Scheffler Wins at Maridoe

If you aren’t aware of Scottie Scheffler, please do so now. That guy is going to be one of the next house hold names in golf. Here is his profile on the PGA Tour website. Are you back… Ok now we can begin.

The last time pro golfers teed it up was round of The Players Championship and that was almost two months ago. The Players was cancelled on March 13th, 2020 and many players decided to take time off. Outside of Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas playing left handed on a Instagram Story the golf world has been quiet, at least until last week.

Maridoe Golf Club decided to host the Maridoe Samaritan Fund and there were some really big names playing in the event. Frankly, I’m surprised there haven’t been other events like this. The DFW metroplex is hub of PGA Tour players and professional golfers and there are plenty of other cities across the country that are golf heavens. I’m sure that these golfers are itching to get back to competition golf, like how many Americans are itching to get back to work.

With professional golfers and top ranked amateur players the man atop of the stacked leaderboard was none other than Scottie Scheffler. My path has crossed with Scottie a number of times going back to Junior golf and a few times since he has turned pro. He’s a great guy who really has his head on his shoulders and he’s an incredible golfer. I’ve been on record to say that he will win multiple major championships. If you grew up playing junior golf in Texas, it’s no surprise that Scheffler has accomplished so much; we knew he was going to be big time when he played in the Byron Nelson as a high schooler.

Maridoe is not an easy golf course. I played the course last year in the Texas Mid-Am and felt beat up by the course. If you click on the link and scroll allllllll the way down you find my name somewhere down there. That golf course is ready to host anything that is related to championship golf.

I understand that this was a not a sanctioned event and there were amateurs playing but I don’t care. These are some of the best players in the world and some of those amateurs could probably play on the PGA Tour now. I’m telling you right now, Scottie Scheffler is the real deal and it will be fun to see where he carer goes in the future… sky’s the limit.


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