Leave Vijay Alone

There is no doubt that Vijay Singh is one of the best and arguably under appreciated golfers in the history of the game. Why is he under appreciated you ask? If Vijay hadn’t played the prime of his career during the same as a man named Tiger, he would have more Majors and PGA Tour wins under his belt. Also he reached #1 in the World during the height of the Tiger Woods era… pretty impressive.

For some reason, Vijay has found himself in the middle of controversy throughout his career. Some that come to mind are the cheating scandal, the Annika Sorenstam comments and now it’s the Korn Ferry Tour.

PGA Tour returns to the play June 11-14 at Colonial and the Korn Ferry Tour resumes play the same week at TPA Sawgrass for a new event. Vijay Singh, age 57, is currently scheduled to play in the Korn Ferry Event. I got to say this is where the social media machine can turn on a person. The outrage over Vijay playing on the Korn Ferry Tour instead of the PGA Tour or Champions Tour that week is dumb and misplaced virtue signalling. Professional golfer Brady Schnell laid into Singh calling him ‘trash’.

Here’s my stance, who cares. Leave the man alone and let him do what he wants. Not sure if people know this but Vijay lives at TPC Sawgrass. He probably doesn’t want to travel and wants to get reps in before the PGA Tour schedule ramps up. Phil Mickelson came to the defense of Vijay and I totally agree with Phil. Golf is a game of meritocracy and Vijay has EARNED the right to do whatever he wants and play wherever he wants.

Let Vijay play at Sawgrass and everyone else can mind their own business. Follow the story line sure, but don’t act all high and mighty. If Vijay wins the Korn Ferry event that should probably be a wake up call to the players trying to make it on the PGA Tour. That if a 57 man can still beat you, you got to work on your own game.

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